Senior and Elder Care

Certified Care Managers coordinate resources to meet the immediate and long-term care needs of your loved ones facing challenges with aging or disabilities.

You don’t have to go it alone


Taking care of a senior member of our family, or a friend, can be challenging. In the beginning, the needs tend to be light enough to offer the prospect of an easy enough care situation for helpers who might be tasked with picking up the mail, reminding them of important meetings, or doing some occasional shopping.

However, as time progresses, and age and infirmity start to take their toll, we can find ourselves swamped by the demands and responsibilities of taking care of an elder.

We are here to assist seniors and their families in finding the best elderly care services available for their needs, allowing them to explore every available option to ensure the best long-term care, without exhausting their families in the process.

Our senior care advisors will start off with a frank assessment of needs. Depending on the emotional and physical well-being of the elder, our healthcare professionals work out the current and probable future needs of our clients. Then we start developing a plan of action where we organize the healthcare needs and find the relevant professionals necessary to maintain a healthy quality of life.

After a full and comprehensive analysis of the client’s situation has been formulated, we work out the best options available for you and your loved one. These vary according to personal wishes, healthcare situation, and financial assets.

There are many senior living care options available for our clients, and we pride ourselves on an individual approach to home care for the elderly and seniors. Here are some examples of what you can expect.

In Home Elderly Care

This is for seniors and older adults that are just fine in their homes but start to realize they need help with things around the house, we provide a team of experts to guide you through your options to ensure the best assisted-living experience you can get.

We analyze the house for fall hazards, advise on ways to increase security both inside and outside the residence, and help you ensure greater independence and range of movement thanks to new, high-tech developments and gadgets, such as a closed-circuit security system.

We vet agencies in advance to ensure optimal senior home care, making sure to keep a close eye on any developments. The selected caregivers remain in touch with our health professionals, so that we can remain proactive in ensuring your loved one’s quality of life.

Assisted Living for Seniors

This care is specifically for seniors and older adults that, though still independent-minded, have reached a threshold when it comes to managing the day to day chores. In this scenario, seniors can move into a senior community, which provides a day-in-day-out range of services and caregivers. These caregivers take care of all the tasks impeding your loved ones from enjoying their life to the fullest, such as laundry and shopping.

Assisted living facilities concentrate on maximizing the fun side of a senior’s life by removing most of the chores, adding the companionship of others, and, of course, encouraging activities that help them remain both healthy and implicated in their own lives. It is not in-home senior care, but they do have help with tasking day-to-day chores.

Respite Care for your Loved Ones

Some of our elderly residents do not need in home care all the time. They may only need to recuperate from a nasty fall, or may be overwhelmed by an emotional situation, or just live too far outside town when winter is rough.

In these cases, respite care is an ideal option. It is a way of ensuring that a senior loved one is taken care of for a limited duration as needed and then he/she can return to his/her old lifestyle and place of residence. This can happen in-home or at an outside facility.

Independent Living Communities and Nursing Homes

Independent living communities are basically a toned-down version of assisted living. A community of seniors group together to help each other out and provide for each other.

A nursing home is a functional institution working as an assisted living community but with a fully-staffed crew of healthcare providers at hand. It is the obvious choice for seniors with serious medical conditions or those who are disabled, no matter their age. Some of these facilities specialize in dementia and psychiatric issues as well.

Continuous Care and Hybrid Communities

This option comprises all previous options. In this scenario, your senior care manager arranges the best available options depending on the situation as it develops.

For example, they may start off with an elderly home care service, but, due to a nasty fall or a serious medical condition, be placed in a nursing home.This option provides flexibility and quality, since your senior care manager has already made plans for any eventuality, and there are no hidden costs attached to this change.

Also, as the situation progresses, the loved one can be returned to their original residence or be moved to a more specialized facility.

Palliative and Hospice Care

An unfortunate event in any seniors’ life, and the life of their loved ones, this is the moment we realize that they must leave us. Palliative and Hospice care is there to make sure the transition is as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

Choosing the right option for elder care services can be challenging. This is why the services of a well-connected and experienced senior care manager are essential if you wish to navigate your way towards the best options available. Let us worry about the details so that you may spend your time enjoying the company of your loved ones.

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