Special Needs & Disability Support Services

Certified Care Managers coordinate resources to meet the immediate and long-term care needs of your loved ones facing challenges with aging or disabilities.

You don’t have to go it alone


Our Certified Care Managers are experts in Health and Disability Services, making them exceptionally suited to locate the best resources for those with disabilities and special needs. We work closely with family members and guardians, financial advisors, attorneys, and health care providers to identify concerns and create client-specific solutions. Our goal is to help our clients achieve the greatest independence and highest quality of care possible in the most cost-effective way. We will be your guide and advocate to achieve maximum functional capability for you or your loved-one.


  • Medical and care protocol has become too complex to manage
  • Overwhelming care needs have become too time consuming
  • Physician and support providers are not well-coordinated
  • Ensure all federal, state, local and insurance resources are utilized to control costs
  • Need to explore home service vs. placement care options
  • Family member and service provider communication ineffective


Testimonial 2

Thank you for everything! From the very start when we first talked you helped in ways I can never say enough good things about you…

- Son of client

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I cannot tell you what a GREAT job you did on these files… EVERYONE is singing your praises, Patty.

- Colleague

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SCM is a lifesaver!

- Daughter of Client

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I would recommend SCM to others looking for Specialized Care Management.

- Anonymous Client

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Patty and her staff provide invaluable support and service to our clients.

- Anonymous Colleague

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SCM went above and beyond for me!

- Client

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Thank you! Patty! We really appreciate your services!

- Daughter of Client

Disability Support Services For Northern Nevada

It is difficult to come to the realization that we need help to take care of the ones we love, but unfortunately, this exact scenario is a recurrent one for many people in our country. Seniors and people with disabilities tend to arrive at a point where only professional care can help improve their quality of life.

Even though love and care are the most important gifts we can give our loved ones, there comes the point where the professionals need to step in. Specialized health care needs, bills spiraling out of control and, unfortunately in many cases accidents, can bring families face to face with their limitations.

At Specialized Care Management, we offer our clients the certainty and security that your loved one’s needs can, and will be met, regardless of the complexity of the situation. We have a diverse team of specialists with one mission: making sure that your loved one gets the best senior and disabled services available, today and tomorrow.

We offer the support you need to take care of your loved one, considering any special circumstances, such as where you live, the time you have available, and/or your budget.

Our approach is flexible and effective. We coordinate with you and give real-life solutions to real-life situations without glossing over the facts. We can help you set up the right disability services plan for you and your loved ones.

We help provide a full physical and emotional checkup before embarking on any life-changing options. We work with seniors or disabled loved ones and their families to find out what they really need, considering their medical condition, and/or disabilities.

Letting the System Work for You

In most cases, there is federal and/or state aid available for financing care for senior disability services. This aid is typically underutilized due to the complicated processes needed to obtain it. Add to that the simple fact that many people do not even know they can ask for it, and you can begin to understand the many sad stories you hear in the media about seniors and disabled loved ones ending up on the street.

By choosing to work with a senior care professional, you have the invaluable asset of being guided by an insider that knows and understands how the system works and how it can best work for you.

Our professional care managers will walk you through the complex maze that is our health care system and give you a clear picture of what you can and cannot have. After helping you gain available funding to which you have a right, we help you negotiate the best terms available for senior & disabled services, thanks to our extensive partnerships and contacts.

We are there every step of the process, advising and guiding you through what can be a very taxing and emotional experience. Call us today to learn more about our disability management services.

Senior and Disability Services for Aging Loved Ones

Our experienced healthcare specialists help create the right network of support that your loved one may need in case of chronic illness and/or disability. We take care of all details, such as medications, assessment of your loved one’s physical and psychological situation, and, in case of in-home senior and disabled services, we will come for a visit to asses and remove any hazards and, of course, provide any tool or service necessary for securing your loved one's environment and personal safety.

We believe in taking a long-term approach to our client’s needs. After creating an honest assessment of your loved one’s current situation, we provide a projection of future needs and work with you to create a solid plan for the future so that you will not be overwhelmed at any stage. You will have the serenity that comes from knowing that everything will be taken care of with no unpleasant surprises along the way.

By having one stop for all your needs, you gain a partner that is informed and up-to-date on your loved one's situation 24/7. As the situation changes, we adapt with it and change our approach without abandoning our clients in the process. We help maintain the medical stability that comes from being looked after by the same team of specialists over a long period of time.

For our senior disabled clients, we provide an extensive and flexible range of services. Our seniors and disabilities services are comprehensive and effective since we take an individual approach to our clients and their families. Eschewing the one-size-fits-all approach popular among less scrupulous care managers, we strive to provide the best care at the most affordable price.

We make sure that our clients’ healthcare needs are met by employing the right healthcare professionals and using facilities tailored to your specific needs. To learn more about our senior disable services, contact us today.

Benefits of a Senior Care Manager

We can provide physical therapy as well as recreational activities for those seniors who require disability services. Special needs are taken care of, and every effort is made to ensure that our clients can maintain the greatest level of autonomy regardless of their disability. We provide personal care assistance services customized to individual needs, ranging from assistance while using the restroom, to dressing, or even gardening.

For seniors and adults with disabilities that choose to stay in their homes, we offer the services of highly motivated and trained professionals. These professionals not only do the tasks assigned to them but work within a multidisciplinary team involving doctors and care managers to ensure that their needs are being met and that the situation remains stable.

The benefits of using a senior care manager provider are many. Aside from the centrality offered by an organization that takes care of every single aspect of your senior or disabled loved one’s living arrangements, we can oversee all issues that may touch on their quality of life. You end up working with an experienced partner that can deal with every single issue you may face both in the present and in the foreseeable future. Our disability support services will provide you and your loved one with the security, quality of life, and calm that only such an efficient and professional operator can provide.

Whatever your needs, or if you just want to be informed about other options available for yourself or a loved one, please call Specialized Care Management and let us explore what we can achieve in any future collaboration. Our aging and disability services experts are ready for a phone consultation free of charge and are eager to help. We serve the Reno, Carson City, Sparks and surrounding areas.