You don’t have to go it alone

Are there different types of Dementia?

Yes, there are many different types of Dementia, and physical ailments than can mimic Dementia symptoms.  Urinary Tract Infections, along with other infections can cause confusion and behavior changes in our Geriatric population, and can often be mistaken as Dementia.  Mixed medications may also contribute to “Altered Mental Status” (AMS) and mistaken as Dementia as well.

A good Aging Life Care Expert will work with your physician to rule out all the physical ailments that can contribute to AMS and then explore specific testing to determine if the correct diagnosis is Dementia or Atypical Dementia.

Atypical Dementias can include Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) and Lewy Body Dementia and are being diagnosed more and more in a much younger population.  This is a challenging situation as most Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities are not set up for a younger population and full services may be lacking.   Your Aging Life Care Expert can guide you to the appropriate resources to help guide you in locating resources to fit your specific situation.

Is there a good medical provider for my parent with Dementia in Reno, Carson City, Sparks?

The good news is YES!  The Northern Nevada area has several specialists and organizations that specialize in treating persons with Dementia.  Specialized Care Management has personally vetted these professionals or organizations.  We would provide you referrals to these local Specialists to ensure you are paired with the best available provider, for your specific situation.

There are also several excellent community resources available that we view as Trusted Partners.  We work closely with these organizations to pair you with the community partner that will be the most benefit for your loved one.

How do you get you parent to cooperate when they have Dementia?

Your highly skilled Geriatric Care Manager has received professional training in many areas of working with Dementia clients.  We value several different organizations’ instructions, although our favorite is the Teepa Snow method (http://teepasnow.com).   Teepa’s Gems, make it easier to determine the current stage of Dementia and then apply specific techniques to provide a calming reassurance to our Dementia clients.  When our clients are calm and feel reassured, they usually are much more willing to cooperate, even if they are currently unable to understand exactly what is going on.

Removing “triggers” that cause increased anxiety or agitation is another Specialized Care Management technique that we find effective.   Your Professional Care Manager has incredible observation skills and can usually identify these “triggers” which may appear normal to caregivers or family members.

When do we bring in Hospice?

If your loved one is facing a terminal illness or is opting for Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) status in combination with one or more life-threatening illnesses, it may be time to consider Hospice or Palliative Care.  Hospice offers a comfort-based approach to treatment as an alternative to traditional medicinal care and is intended to increase the quality of a person’s life when traditional medicine is no longer effective or relevant.

How do we get food to mom and dad?

There are many types of meal services, many of which deliver pre-made meals or frozen meals and groceries to the doorstep. Aging Life Care Experts can help you find local resources that will suit your parents’ needs.

How do we get our parent to stop driving?

If you suspect your loved one is at risk to themselves or others while driving, it may be best to schedule a driving evaluation.  This can be challenging if your loved one is unaware or in denial of the risk, or if they are resistant to giving up driving privileges.  Talk to your local DMV, AARP, or AAA about driving evaluations in your area, and don’t forget that Aging Life Care Experts are experienced and ready to help you and your loved one have a smooth transition.